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Reviews of Enjoying Mallorca
Independent comment and reviews in the press and on the radio

Reviews of the original hardback edition

Ina Martínez Cañellas, Director, Fomento del Turismo de Mallorca
"I wish to congratulate the author as she has managed to combine an extremely accurate description of our island, including our customs, history, gastronomy etc., with all the necessary up-to-date information of a good guide book...  We see this book as excellent promotion of Mallorca...We shall certainly recommend it whenever possible."  

Robin Young, The Times
"The title says it all. Enjoying Mallorca by Pamela Legge is not a matter-of-fact, flatly written guidebook, but a personal memoir of a long-lasting love affair with an island. It really is full of enjoyment. ... Mallorca is well served by tourist literature, but this is a welcome, distinctive and highly readable addition."

Harpers & Queen
"Don't forget to pack ... Enjoying Mallorca is Pamela Legge's highly enjoyable personal account of life on Majorca and her friendship with Robert Graves."

Harry Ritchie, The Mail on Sunday
"She recounts her life on the island ... part memoir and part guide book, and displays a great enthusiasm for detail. ... If you want a guide to Mallorca's flora, fauna and traditional fiestas, and an account of expat life, then this may well be just your kind of book."

Debbie Thrower, BBC Radio 2
"A very personal account of Mallorca off the beaten track which also serves as a guide for tourists because it is packed with useful information about the island's history, customs and traditional food and wine."

Petroc Trelawney,  London News Radio
"If you would like to discover more about this incredible place, Pamela Legge's new book Enjoying Mallorca should be right up your street. ...There is a lovely anecdote about a fiesta involving a devil who became distinctly over-friendly with a young girl whose mother objected. ... It is a delightful book."

Judith Falcon, Radio Mercury Extra 
"What makes this book so authentic and useful is the incidents described therein. You learn a lot more by reading a story than by reading a guide book or history book. Pamela Legge has put together a wonderful book. ... Enjoying Majorca is both an autobiography and a tourist guide combined; it is very entertaining to read."

The Expatriate
"What makes this book so authentic and useful is that the incidents described therein are obviously observed from life. They take the form of an amusing narrative. ... Enjoying Mallorca provides a wealth of information for the tourist and gives a valuable insight into the life of the expatriate community.  It is a most enjoyable read and The Expatriate recommends it."

Ray Fleming, Majorca Daily Bulletin 
"Pamela Legge's book contains a great wealth of perceptive and sympathetic observation of daily life here which is interwoven with much historical and anecdotal information. ... I hope I have said enough to convey something of the special quality of this delightful book. While it is in one sense the diary of a personal odyssey of discovery, it is also a remarkably useful running compendium of information about living in Mallorca, getting things done here and enjoying all that the island has to offer. The book is packed with information and everything is bang up to date." 

Surrey County Magazine
"The ideal book for anyone contemplating anything from a complete upheaval, to buying a holiday villa or just going on holiday.  The detailed information about the island is given in friendly form and is exceptionally readable.."

Amazon customer review (2002)
"This is not the sort of travel book you will enjoy if you are a fan of, for example, Peter Mayle, but I recommend it to anyone who loves this Island. In passages it is evocative of This Granite Isle, by Dorothy Carrington which is without doubt the definitive book about Corsica.... The author's love of the Island and the people who live on it is apparent from beginning to end. It is very hard to find another book which will give you so much detail about the three Fs, flora fauna and fiestas so pick up a copy and start planning your next visit!

Reviews of updated Kindle Edition

5 star review on Amazon
Fascinating account of a "love affair" with the island. Great to read about life in Mallorca, as opposed to guide book tourist sites.

Another 5 Star review on Amazon
Don't expect this to be the usual humorous tale of expats settling in a foreign country. This is for lovers of Mallorca who want more detail and information. I've visited Mallorca every year since I was 18 ... I'm now 67 and I've learnt such a lot from this book. Thank you so much.

4 star review on Amazon
An absorbing and charming insight into Mallorca and what it might be like to live there, and how it has developed and changed over the last 50 or so years.

Another 4 star review on Amazon
This made me fall in love with Mallorca. A  very readable and informative book, full of anecdotes about how the author first went to Mallorca in the early 50's (by train to Barcelona, then ship!) her acquaintance with the poet Robert Graves, and her later return to the island, with her just-retired husband, to live. Not a guide book, this is the Mallorca of a bygone era, before mass tourism, revealing the wealth of cultural heritage on the island as well as the warmth and ingenuity of the islanders. A delightful book to read, as I did, on my way to Palma 40 years after my first visit. On the strength of what Pamela Legge has wrritten. I want to go again to explore more. Highly recommended.