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Reviews of The Expatriate Siamese
Independent press comment

This review appeared in The Lady
We are given a cat’s eye view of the world. Narrated by Tia Maria, a beautiful chocolate-point female, who goes to live on Majorca with her owners, this is a near factual account. The move causes Tia Maria to undergo a complete personality change and to develop much closer emotional links with her human family. She has many adventures from which she somehow always emerges as the heroine. This is a charming tale for cat fanciers and those who, in their heart of hearts, know that the feline mind is far more advanced than the human! 

This review appeared in The Cat
If you enjoy books that are narrated by cats, then this is for you. It will also appeal to those who are familiar with the complex personalities of Siamese cats. Tia-Maria, a self-centred chocolate point, has a change of character when she becomes an over-possessive mother to her son, Ziggy. They are inseparable, but Ziggy’s boisterousness and quest for independence bring dire consequences.You will need to read this charming book to find out what happens when Tia Maria emigrates with her owners to Mallorca. 

Letter from The Traditional Siamese Cat Association
You were kind enough to send me a copy of the book The Expatriate Siamese by Pamela Legge.which I thoroughly enjoyed. The book was excellent and the illustrations were delightful. I do hope that you will let me know if Mrs Legge decides to write any more books about her Siamese.

Reviews of Enjoying Mallorca
Independent comment and reviews in the press and on the radio

Ina Martínez Cańellas, Director, Fomento del Turismo de Mallorca
"I wish to congratulate the author as she has managed to combine an extremely accurate description of our island, including our customs, history, gastronomy etc., with all the necessary up-to-date information of a good guide book...  We see this book as excellent promotion of Mallorca...We shall certainly recommend it whenever possible."  

Robin Young, The Times
"The title says it all. Enjoying Mallorca by Pamela Legge is not a matter-of-fact, flatly written guidebook, but a personal memoir of a long-lasting love affair with an island. It really is full of enjoyment. ... Mallorca is well served by tourist literature, but this is a welcome, distinctive and highly readable addition."

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