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Enjoying Mallorca - The Website

Where to eat and what to see. Restaurants and places to visit on Mallorca. Recommend by a panel of long-term residents with no commercial interest in any restaurant or attraction.
Over 75 restaurants and 80 attractions are currently included. They are listed under seven areas of the island to assist planning a visit.
To be included each item must first be visited and proposed by at least two members of the editorial panel. Access requires no registration and the site does not implant cookies. Visit this website free of charge at:-




Perfect holiday reading

Enjoying Mallorca - The Book
Available on Kindle, 288 pages

Enjoying Mallorca is one of the most comprehensive and entertaining guides to the popular holiday island of Mallorca. It contains descriptions of places of interest and the many spectacular fiestas that are seldom publicised, plus a captivating account of Pamela Legge's life on Mallorca from her first visit in 1952. She became a resident in 1986 and lived there happily until her death at the age of eighty in 2009. The book has been welcomed by the Department for Tourism in Majorca.

Illustrated by Claire Baker, Enjoying Mallorca was fully updated recently for this Kindle edition. It combines a highly entertaining account of expatriate life with a reliable guide to the island. Click here for more details of the content or here for independent press and radio reviews.

To order - For UK go to www.amazon.co.uk and enter the book title in the search box.  For the USA go to www.amazon.com

The history of Mallorca

From the first inhabitants to the present century
This is an enlarged version of a  history of Mallorca which was first published in Pamela Legge's book "Enjoying Mallorca." The island has experienced many invasions and changes of government all of which have made an impact on its development. This will interest those who would like to know about the history of the island without getting involved in too much detail. It is now included as a chapter in our website at www.enjoyingmallorca.info.



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